Places have been discussed as suited to this object, and your committee being unprepared to determine the matter, will briefly sub- mit the representations made to them by different persons. By some, it is contended that the situation needs to be in the wash- ington on the Brazos; this place is claimed to be situated in a thickly populated nation and most central to the inhabited parts of Texas. It is known that the town is of very current origin, 1 having few suitable buildings or rooms for public enterprise and no printing establishment. Comfort and retirement are crucial for public officers in the dispatch of enterprise of the character through which we at the moment are engaged.

These objects can’t be anticipated at current in Washington; hereafter, this place will little question be fastened upon as the seat of Authorities. The inconveniencies and discomforts of our present location are too sensibly felt by each member of the Provisional Government to require any remarks; an excellent and effectively carried out Press is the only present inducement for continuing in San Felipe: Mata- Gorda and Velasco, destitute of the latter advantage, possess no superiority of comfort for the enterprise over San Felipe, and al- although strongly recommended by some, will scarcely produce any distinction of opinion on this physique.

Brazoria, with some great benefits of a very good and properly performed Press, is represented as having an acceptable Council-Hall, properly adapted rooms, and different conveniences for the dispatch of public enterprise. Its location upon the navigable waters of the Brazos affords almost hourly communication with Find an escort near you the coast, and the distance from the military will make, however about a day’s difference in a journey more than to San Felipe, and about the same to Washington; but the badness of the roads at this season of the year, is alleged to be a critical disadvantage, if not an insuperable objection.