Where there are different showpieces, architect structure, drawings to glorify the beauty of your home, butterfly SVG is the most popular and more demanding in today’s generation. Out of any Butterfly SVG, Multilayer butterfly SVG adds more shine to your home and adds a plus point in your image. If you are a fan of natural things, get yourself a multilayer butterfly SVG which feels like a real butterfly in your home or office. However, getting a multilayer butterfly SVG from the market is more costly than creating it at home. For creating a multilayer SVG, you require the following materials and the steps accordingly.

Materials Used for creating multilayer butterfly SVG: 

Though there are many materials used to create multilayer butterfly SVG, here is the list of some basic materials which should be necessarily involved in your list if you want to develop multilayer Butterfly SVG:

1. Cut Cardstock

2. stamp

3. stamp block

4. tape runner

5. Cricut Maker

6. free SVG file

7. black ink

8. Distressed Ink

9. blending tool

10. Nuvo Shimmer powder

11. heat gun

12. adhesive

How to make a multilayer butterfly SVG?

These are straightforward and easy steps to make multilayered colourful butterflies.

Step one: select and upload an image 

Firstly purchase butterfly SVG on Etsy or any website which provides you SVG files. The SVG files help give directions to the blade to cut the file according to design. Then go to the upload tab and upload the image of the butterfly. To get a clear vision, make them smaller. You can also select the different shapes to make it more beautiful and intriguing.

Step two: make multiple images and make the different layer.

Now, select the image and on the right menu, click on attach, and then select the same Option and make multiple images. Separate these images side by side.

Step three: make colourful layers.

To see different layers, we need to adjust their size. To do that, select the “Cut “option from the menu and make the second image a little bit smaller than the first one. To give different colours, choose the Option of hiding colour. Then select your favourite colour for the second layer of the butterfly.

Note: you can select a particular area to give colour or hide the specific area to prevent it from painting.

Step four: cutting and sticking of butterfly layers 

You can use a Cricut Maker to cut the butterfly layers. After cutting the layer, you can stack them one on another by using the gum. You can add the number of layers according to your need. But be aware of colour choices and the size of layers. The upper layer must be smaller than the lower one. That gives an excellent look to your butterflies.

Now, your colourful multilayered butterfly is ready to place wherever you want to. You can add this multilayer butterfly SVG on your walls to enhance the beauty of your home, or you can stick it to your cup to look more attractive. It is the best gift to give your loved ones in their home ceremony or as a cup in their birthday gift.