Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest Week 2 resets Week 1 progress and brings new builds for Superstar KO and The Yard modes.

Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest began last week. Select members of the community have the chance to see the game before anyone else. They can play but they cannot tell about it as the PlayTest is under NDA. Testers don’t have permission to record and share gameplay. They also cannot talk publicly about the game. Else, they will be removed from the test and might even lose their EA Madden account. The Community PlayTest allows testers to check out some of the new features. We are now in Week 2. More content was added to the PlayTest.

Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest Week 2

This week’s PlayTest adds more content to the Superstar KO and The Yard modes. Participants can try these modes and report back any issues they find. These two activities have been updated so the developers’ focus is on them. They want to identify and fix as many issues as possible before the big release day towards the end of August. Play Now mode is part of the PlayTest too. Franchise mode got a major update for this year’s EA Madden NFL title. This mode can be tested as well but not all the features are available. So far, testers have access to the Active Roster option and creating a league. Any team can be used. League settings such as accelerated clock and more can be changed by the users. Last but certainly not least, testers can check out some Madden Ultimate Team modes too. Weekend League and Solo Battles are included in the PlayTest. MUT 22 strategy cards and squads can also be played. If you are part of the Madden NFL 22 Community PlayTest since Week 1, you should know that Week 2 resets the data created in Week 1 and league progress. Testers are warned that the ratings from the PlayTest are not in their final form. They are pretty much the same ones from Madden NFL 21. Rookie ratings are calculated using the averages of their positions. The ratings will go through several changes before the game goes live. The development team is also aware of some of the issues. The matchmaking system might cause the game to crash. The Yard mode has some issues regarding the progression system and gameplay. In Superstar KO, the user interface might bug out. The Franchise has issues that the developers are aware of as well. The complete list of known issues is available online.

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